Anonymous asked:

hey, since we're on the topic... i've had my pen tablet for quite a while, and i draw with it almost on a daily basis, and still i haven't gotten the hang of it, kinda. my lines always look super messy even with the stabilizer on a high number. do you have any advice to get better at that? ;w;

soupery answered:

i think i could go on and on and give a long list of tips but it’d be a little redundant. right now, i think the best advice i can give is still practice, practice, practice! uvu

self-review your works and see what you can improve on. watch other people’s tutorials, look at their works, not to get jealous but to see what you can learn from them. (but not copy)

some things just take time (i mean it took be like a year and a half to get smooth lines on tablet dang), don’t worry about it uvu